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For changes/repairs, you have to count on 2 days of delivery time unless it needs to be sewn for express fee.
I make all kinds of changes to menswear, but do not replace zipper in duvet jackets and do not work in skins and fur.
When hemming trousers it is an advantage to have washed them before. So that they do not shrink after washing. This is of course only for those made out of cotton or linnen.



Shortening or lengthening with abrasion band 120,-
Shortening or lengthening with abrasion band EXPRESS 150,-
lengthening maximim 190,-
Waist (in/out) 120,-
Seat width (in/out) 85,-
Thigh width 265,-
leg opening width 210,-


Sleeve shortening 300,-
Longer sleeves 385,-
Shortening of jacket length 345,-
Waist in 300,-
Waist in, at Armhole 445,-
Neck fold 355,-
Sleeves shortening with open buttonholes 650,-
Narrower shoulder width 550,-
New lining 1850,-


Sleeve shortening 210,-
Shortening the shirt length 265,-
Waist in, with darts 145,-


Waist in 425,-
New back 600,-

Miscellaneous repairs

Reinforcement/Pad 65,-
Repairing large hole 120,-
New button 65,-
New zipper in trousers 245,-