Made2Order First Class Cloth

Made2Order suits of the world’s best wool (see cloth mills here and click on the individual pictures)

Mass production of Bespoke shirts according to available personal pattern.


Prices are in DK kroner incl. VAT and material. Payment: Cash or Mobilepay.

3-piece Suit 10.000,-
Suit 8.500,-
Jacket 6.000,-
Waistcoat 2.300,-
Trousers 3.000,-

Shirt 1 piece 1.000,-
Shirt 3 pieces 2500,-
Shirts 5 pieces 4000,-
Shirts 10 pieces 7000,-

Ordering mass production of shirts requires that you have a personal pattern designed – since we copy your pattern and send it to the factory.

Prices may change over time.

Made2Order suits are being produced in Portugal, with floating canvas.

The shirts are mass produced after approved personal pattern, perfectly produced in Heinesgade.

The shirts are with floating canvas, runners for collarstays, folded seams, high stitch density, quality machine buttonholes and mother-of-pearl buttons with neck.

Contact for Made2Order program:

Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and always by appointment.
Arne Gottenborg
Mobile: 42718208
CVR: 40133038


Made to Order is our suggestion for a middle ground between Ready to Wear and Bespoke. We offer suits in the modern Italian silhouette. If the English is what you prefer, we will refer you to our Bespoke programme made in English style only. The Cloth for the Made to Order programme is from the same English mills that are available in the Bespoke program. Since the English cloth is both heavier and more hardy, it will have a nicer drape on the body, be more abrasion resistant and better suited for the streets of Copenhagen.

It is possible to combine Made to Order with Bespoke, for example a pair of Made to Order trousers with a Bespoke jacket of the same fabric.

The Made2Order programme has many options and costumisations. We are happy to guide you through the process of creating your suit.

Kind Regards Arne Gottenborg