All bespoke garments are cut and sewn at Heinesgade no. 4. Prices are in DK kroner incl. VAT and not including material. Method of payment: Cash or Mobilpay.
Shirt 4.000,-
Trousers 4.000,-
Jacket/Coat 13.000,-
Waistcoat 4.000,-

Approximated cut lenght prices for trousers 1300, jacket 1700, waistcoat 500, top coat 2500 kr.

Prices after pattern construction: Shirt 1500,- Trousers 2500,- kr.
Waistcoat 2500,- Kr. Prices not including material.

The maximum price on a bespoke suit is 22.000,- kr. – including material and VAT.

I don’t charge any extra for the cloth, but I do take a deposit of 50 % of the tailors salery, when order is placed.


The shoulders are close-fitted with a minimum patting. The sleeves are set on a small scye. The lapel is hand rolled. The jacket has a pronounced waist. The vents and side pockets are cut high. The fronts of the jacket are constructed with breathable floating canvas, made of caddle and horse hair. The horse hair provides a spring, wich make the jacket bounce back to its original shape. The Lining is made from natural viscose, which is very strong. The Jacket is made with functioning buttonholes, sewn by hand. We use horn buttons from England.


The trousers are cut with a high waist. Which elongates the legs and gives a nice silhuette.


The style is English or Italian. Depending on body types and personal preference. The shirts are sewn according to English rules with loose canvas in collar and cuff, there are runners for removable collarstayes. It is sewn with a single needle stich with high stitch density, quality machine buttonholes, hand sewn mother of pearl perl buttons with shank. Butterflie gussets on demand.

An English cut..

English bespoke is about tradition. There are rules for everything. Wearing a bespoke suit reflects the person’s values through traditional craftsmanship. Even though the British suit is synonymous with tradition and conformety, you are able to break a few rules to suit your personality.

The English cut is about tradition and personal identity.